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In many movies there’s always that smooth, dapper, super athletic, ruggedly handsome, and seems to have his way with just about everything character. I’m not that guy. However, there is also that character that is really smart but socially awkward, lonely, and never quite seems to get things going for themselves. I’m not that guy either. I, like the issues facing our children and communities; am far more complex and multilayered than any basic trope can define.  Now you’re thinking, “So what does that have to do with anything and why do you feel it requires you to make an entire website about yourself?”  I’m glad you asked.  Our communities have the ability to shape who we are, what we believe, our hopes, fears, educational opportunities and chances for success in life. So if I, a goofy Texas kid who was “Fresh Princed” to St. Petersburg, FL in 1986, wanted to truly make an impact on this world; helping communities find their voice, educating their children and creating opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships with governments and corporations seemed to be my best bet.  Throughout my journey to become a resource agent and innovative change agent for urban communities, I have had some amazing educational and professional opportunities; like getting a Ph.d from Purdue, helping unmarried parents learn the ropes of raising kids out of wedlock, and a lot more which you can learn about here.  

No matter what anyone tells you, teaching is the greatest job in the world.  There is no greater joy, (uh oh, here comes a cliché!) than watching students take lessons and lectures and turn them into knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  For that reason, no matter where I work, I have to be teaching part-time somewhere.  My love of instruction has taken me from elementary school to college classrooms all over the world, including China (twice!) If teaching is your thing, feel free to check out my other instructional exploits here.  

A critical piece of my life is ensuring that I use my advanced educational opportunities and worldly experiences to assist my community in every way possible.  The idea of serving as a public intellectual that is accessible to all corners of the community is inherent to who I am and central to achieving my goals of united community uplift.  To find out my philosophy on community engagement and check out some of my neighborhood adventures, swing on over here.

Remember that time when I lead a $5 million federally-funded National Institute of Health grant that improved the early childhood outcomes of unmarried first time parents from low-income communities by teaching them to coparent and providing them with a huge array of social services to help get their new families off to a great start?!  And even getting published and recognized by the National Black Child Development Institute?! Me either, let’s refresh our memories by clicking here.

If you’re still reading, that means you’re awesome, or you really like me.  To reward you for your dedication to following a storyline, I’ll go ahead tell you about the thing I am most passionate about in the entire world, and it’s right here.