MISSION: "To assist community youth and families in dealing with educational, financial, mental & emotional needs; as well as preparing for and presenting them with learning, empowerment and healing opportunities to enhance the likelihood of future success, development and growth."


SpringZone St.Pete is a community-based non-profit with a focus on assisting Tampa Bay communities with building capacity around youth development & mentoring, family education &  empowerment, addressing neighborhood-specific health disparities, and providing grant making/fundraising assistance for small grassroots groups looking to make a difference in their community.  Through innovative program design and authentic dedication to altruism and community uplift, SpringZone St.Pete is able to operate with the unique guarantee that all programming links together community based grassroots groups, youth leaders, other relevant non-profits and a like-minded corporate entity and are free of charge to the public with 5% or less administrative overhead.


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