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“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I  don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the   way. A mentor.” — Denzel Washington

Youth Mentoring Philosophy

  •  Provide Opportunities for the Mental, Physical and Spiritual Development of Youth

  • Be An Open Ear, Understanding Heart and Loving Soul

  • Create Avenues for Exposure to New Ideas and Experiences

  • Empathy, Not Sympathy. Listen, Learn and Teach.

  • Be Consistent!


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The MLK Day of Service Advisory Board in collaboration with St. Petersburg College has awarded funds to local organizations to host service projects scheduled in connection with the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday. These projects involve 56 nonprofits, organizations and public agencies selected as part of the MLK Day of Service Advisory Board’s annual effort to transform the holiday into “A Day On, Not a Day Off.”

These projects include youth education programs, delivering meals to the needy, refurbishing homes and community gardens, collecting food and clothing, signing up mentors, health education, promoting nonviolence, and more. The MLK day of Service shines a spotlight on service as a powerful force to unite our community. The MLK Day of Service provides each of us with an opportunity to join neighbors and local leaders to tackle community challenges and strengthen our communities.

Link to article: http://theweeklychallenger.com/2017-mlk-day-of-service-events/



The program is designed to provide young males with tools to transition successfully from high school to post-secondary education and into young adulthood. This awesome   experience for high school juniors and seniors promotes education, personal development, leadership and social responsibility. The goal of the Beautillion Militaire is to recognize and encourage young men, called “beaux” to obtain higher levels of personal achievement,  self-confidence, pride and cultural awareness. The beaux attend workshops, participate in   rites of passage ceremonies, team-   building, social outings, perform community service and are taught dining and social etiquette.

 Link to Article: http://theweeklychallenger.com/the-beautillion-militaire-  alpha-class-ball/


The Write Field is a dynamic program designed to improve the writing, public speaking skills and confidence of   middle school African-American and Hispanic boys in St. Petersburg. Led by veteran journalists, writers and   an  array of media and community professionals, the Write Field students are introduced to a variety of   writing  styles that include journalism, prose, drama, music and social media.

 Founded in 2011 to address the achievement gap in local schools, the program meets one Saturday each   month  during the school year. Over the course of 10 Saturdays, the boys meet with local journalists,   community officials, professional athletes and business leaders to reinforce the communication skills they will   need to complete high school and succeed in whatever they pursue next. 

Link to Press Release: http://alldigitocracy.org/poynter-names-warren-its-new-director-of-the-write-field-program-for-minority-youth/